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Deutsch Connector - DTM06-12SA-E007

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A member of the DTM series, this connector features 12 socket connections rated for up to 7.5 Amps each. It is the "A" mechanical key and has the E007 boot tail modification allowing for a heatshrink boot to easily be applied. This item comes as a kit which includes:

(1) WM-12S wedgelock

(12) 0462-201-20141 contacts*


This connector mates with DTM04-12PA.


* This variant of contact is the solid, nickel plated version for 20 AWG wire. It requires a military crimp tool for assembly: see Crimp Tool for Autosport and DT-series Contacts and Positioner for DTM-series contacts. If you do not have the proper crimp tool, contact us and we can provide you with a pre-crimped flying lead set.