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Raychem DR-25 Heat Shrink Tubing

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Raychem DR-25 heat shrink tubing is used almost exclusively in military and motorsport ground vehicle applications, this is definitely not your typical "heat shrink" from the local electrical supply store.  It is resistant to the petroleum-based fluids, has superior abrasion resistance, and a much higher operating temperature. DR-25 offers the best protection for your wiring so you can worry about things other than the electrical gremlins sabotaging your chances of winning.

Our DR-25 is UK spec, and so it available in black with white print only.  Pricing and quantity are per linear foot.

We also carry the 'thin wall' version of this tubing, please contact us for details or to order.

NOTE: Heat shrink products contract not only radially, but lengthwise as well. It is advised to order more than you need to account for the reduction in length.