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Raychem HFT5000 Heat Shrinkable Fabric Tubing

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This HFT5000 heat shrinkable fabric tubing from Raychem is a more cost-effective way of protecting your wiring. Though it may not be sealed like DR-25, it is still very tough. Because it isn't sealed, it's best use is in applications that are protected from moisture and fluids, however if used over the top of DR-25 it will provide a ultra-abrasion-resistant protection for your loom. This stuff is also great for covering rubber hoses to provide abrasion protection, and it looks great!

Pricing and quantity are per linear foot.

NOTE: Heat shrink products contract not only radially, but lengthwise as well. HFT5000 shrinks a bit more lengthwise than does DR-25; we've seen about 10%, but varies with size and recovery amount. It is advised to order more than you need to account for the reduction in length.

Material polyethylene/polyester
Operating Temp -40 to 150 C
Min Full Recovery Temp 110 C
Shrink Ratio 2:1