EMH Motorsports LLC was officially formed in 2010 and is the product of nearly two decades of experience in production automotive and automotive racing environments. While our core expertise lies in automotive electronic and software systems, we supplement this with expert experience in related fields such as engine tuning, mechanical design, and vehicle/driver dynamics. Our mastery of these systems has lead to numerous championships won in the upper levels of professional racing. Our success is based not only our our engineering expertise, but also our ability to process and adapt to complex challenges. While we may be small and agile, we can certainly punch with the heavyweights of the industry.
We here at EMH believe strongly in supporting local and US businesses. We feel it is more than worth the slightly higher cost to have great service and build working relationships. Especially in motor racing, it's vital to have a partner that will take phone calls at 1AM. Anything not done in house is done either in the USA or Canada by smaller firms like us. It is the small businesses that drive the economy and innovation of the the world, and we whole-heartedly support them.
Our customer base ranges greatly from the top professional teams and engine builders down to club racers and individuals. We believe that everyone is capable of winning, provided they have the commitment to do so. We here at EMH love cars and love racing, we're even racers ourselves. We have spent countless hours at the track and test facilities. We love to tackle the most challenging problems, revel in our success, and learn from our mistakes. We have the flexibility, vision, and power to meet your needs. When you're ready for the winner's circle, give us a call.